How to remove automated voice before the hello tune

How to Remove the ads before the caller tune?

Dial 198 and connect to the Customer care executive and ask them to remove the automated voice before the hello tune.


Dial *678*33# to disable PreRBT – the ads preceding your HT.

If the above does not work, try the following:-

TOP UPs BSNL Broadband Internet for unlimited & higher speed

BSNL has been offering Unlimited Broadband Plans to Customers who wish to avail higher speed where the speed opted by the Broadband customer automatically gets reduced after the higher speed data transfer quota is reached as per the plans. Thereafter for the rest of the month, customers are able to use unlimited broadband at the reduced speed.

Good News for BSNL high speed data usage Broadband consumers

Good News for BSNL high speed data usage Broadband consumers

BSNL Broadband Internet Data TOP UPs for Unlimited Internet Use

BSNL Broadband Internet Data TOP UPs for Unlimited Internet Use

BSNL Broadband Internet Data TOP UPs for Unlimited Internet Use Good News for BSNL high speed data usage Broadband consumers

Good News for BSNL high speed data usage Broadband consumers

BSNL was receiving refeneces of reduced speed after higher speed data transfer quota and also many customers wanted to restore to the higher speed. Based on the customers demand, CMD BSNL Shri. A.N. Rai inaugurated a facility to restore the original speed of such unlimited broadband customers on payment of nominal charges which will be added in the next broadband bill.

The charges are Rs.100/200/300/500 for additional 2GB/5GB.10GB/20GB data transfer quota at the higher speed the rest of the month.

For availing the cility, pop-ups to broadband customers will be flashed as soon as they cross the higher speed data transfer quota. Customer can opt to restore the speed through this pop-up and for this they shall be charged in next bill accordingly.

It’s not mandatory but customer can use either Upgrade or Decline

If Customer has Opted the DECLINE

Solution :- Switch OFF the modem ,then Immediately Switch ON the Modem , after ALL LED s Glowing
on the ADSL Modem , Then Start the Browsing

If Customer has Opted the UPGRADE for Extending browsing with Hogh Speed

Solution : Presently BSNL Server not responding

Then Switch OFF the modem, then Immediately Switch ON the Modem, after ALL LED s glowing on the
ADSL Modem,

Type the URL Address for Updating the TOP.

WhatsApp increases group chat limit to 256

WhatsApp – mobile Application has increased the group limit and has made the changes via server side. The company has increased the group limit to 256 from 100.

WhatsApp has announced that it has made the changes on both iOS and Android devices. Current user need no special update for increasing the group limit as the company has made the changes from their end.

Is it safe or bad to use iphone while charging

The answer is “No”. The actual phone charger is in your phone. It doesn’t matter where the power comes from, charging is always the same.

Modern Lithium Ion and Lithium Poly cells do benefit from being “topped off”. There is no lifetime penalty for charging before they’re depleted. In fact, letting a battery get too low will reduce its lifetime. You count on the phone’s software to prevent the most extreme form of this, but it’s far better to charge before the battery dies.
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Amazon India Customer Care Number, Contact Email Address

Amazon Online shopping India Customer Care Telephone number, contact address, Email Address, Amazon India online shopping customer service, postal address:

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I thought I bought a ticket but did not get a confirmation email. I checked on my bank account and there were 3 pending charges that do not add up to total of anything.

I called them asked about my ticket. they told me my reservation did not go through so technically I don’t have a ticket. They could not explain why I was charged and they could not reverse them either. I called my bank and disputed the charges.It took me over 2 hours waiting on help lines.

at once I was on hold 45 minutes. guy probably took his lunch break. This is a sort of scam business. Basically they are selling tickets that they dont have.

They are taking the money in advance but no help or explanation after all.They are hoping you would let it go.

(Posted by Anonymous)

MTS Online Recharge – Prepaid Mobile Recharge

MTS INDIA: Founded in December 2008, MTS is Headquartered in New Delhi, India Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), also known as Mobile TeleSystems and commonly referred to by the abbreviation MTS, is the Indian subdivision of Russian Mobile TeleSystems telecommunication company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It provides wireless voice, broadband Internet, messaging and data services in India.

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Telenor Online Recharge – Uninor Prepaid mobile recharge

UNINOR-TELENOR INDIA: Founded in 2009, Telenor India (formerly known as Uninor, is an Indian mobile network operator based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor Group, a telecommunications company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Telenor owns 100% of the stake in the holding company, Telenor India Communications Pvt Ltd.

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Aircel Online Recharge – Prepaid Mobile Recharge

AIRCEL: Founded in 1999, Aircel is an Indian mobile network operator headquartered in Chennai, which offers voice and 2G, 3G and 4G data services. Maxis Communications holds a 74% stake and Sindya Securities and Investments holds the remaining 26%.

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Reliance Online Recharge – Prepaid Mobile Recharge

RELIANCE: Founded in 2002 by Anil Ambani, Reliance Communications Ltd. (RCOM) is an Indian Internet access and telecommunications company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India. Reliance Communications is the fourth largest telecom operator in India with 109.90 million subscribers as of June 2015. Established in 2002, it is a subsidiary of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

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