MacMohan Line – India and China dispute boundary

Where is MacMohan Line? What is its significance? The McMahon Line is a demarcation line drawn on map referred to the Simla Convention, a treaty between Britain and Tibet signed in 1914. Although its legal status is disputed, it is currently the effective boundary between China and India. It is within the State of Arunachal Pradesh, which is currently among the Indian State.

The line is named after Sir Henry McMahon, foreign secretary for the British-run Government of India and the chief British negotiator of the convention. It extends along the crest of the Himalayas for 550 miles (890 km) from Bhutan in the west to the great bend of the Brahmaputra River in the east. After Simla, the line was forgotten until 1935 when British civil service officer Olaf Caroe revived interest in it and convinced the government to use it on official maps. (source)
Picture of MacMohan Line:(click on pic for bigger size)
MacMohan Line

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