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HOW TO READ YAHOO MAIL WHEN SERVER IS DOWN? Cannot access Yahoo! mail server? Don’t panic. You can Try the link below TEMPORARILY while Yahoo is down, to check and send your Yahoo! Mail, although it doesn’t have all the features of the regular Yahoo! Mail website.

For temporary access, Try this link – http://us.m.yahoo.com/p/mail?7=C&tsrc=ra…

Another Option:

Try to Log in to www.yahoomail.com or http://mai.yahoo.com. If you get the cannot find URL screen, go back to yahoo. Do not log out. Touch the mail button (on right hand of screen). Your new messages should drop down. Right click on any message and select “open in new window”. You’ll go straight to your mailbox.

To find more answers to your Yahoo! Mail login solutions, try this link –

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer Users: Please do not forget to include www. or http:// in your search bar; Internet Explorer does not recognize yahoo.com, yahoomail.com or mail.yahoo.com.

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