Nishita Shah Thailand – Next Generation Billionaire

Nishita ShahNishita Shah, a rich woman has been ranked as one of the next generation billionaires. Nishita is orinially from India and lives in Thailand. She is the managing director of Thailand’s diversified GP Group.
Nishita has featured in the list of next generation billionaires which has been exclusively compiled by American US business magazine Forbe. This hence has put Nishita Shah as a Next Generation Billionaire.

The beautiful woman is 28 years old and is one of the richest people in Thailand. Her family recently featured in the Forbes ‘Thailand’s 40 Richest’ People list. Nishita’s wealth is valued at approximately $375 million in recent month. She is in the business of clothing line and so far she has been quoted saying she is planning for her upcoming fashion line. The Forbes list that came up with Nishita featuring has been described as containing the worlds wealthiest is 61.”

Nishita is of Indian origin and has done well managing the Thailand’s diversified GP Group. Forbes named Nishita and her family as ‘Thailand’s 40 Richest’ people.. The current richest in the world is full of old men and this time the list has some fresh blood like Tiger Woods and Nishita, both very young. Nishita has ranked as an effective effective director and a good manager. She is a fashion lover and does well in fashion design and clothing lines in Thailand. (source)

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